Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mapping Segregation presentation tonight, Wed, 06-17-2015; Bloomingdale part of this history !

Bloomingdale is part of this history.

See this tweet from Kent Boese, then see the link below at Prologue DC.

Looking forward to Mapping Segregation presentation at MLK tonight
8:43 AM - 17 Jun 2015

Mapping Segregation

UPCOMING SPECIAL EVENT: How did restrictive housing covenants shape DC neighborhoods? Prologue DC historians Mara Cherkasky and Sarah Shoenfeld will present the latest findings in their ongoing research project, Mapping Segregation in Washington DC, on Wednesday, June 17 at 6:30 p.m. in the Great Hall of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Public Library, 901 G Street NW.
Mapping Segregation in Washington DC is a public history project documenting the historic segregation of DC’s housing, schools, playgrounds, and other public spaces. To date the project has focused on racially restrictive housing covenants. Racial covenants had a dramatic impact on the development of the nation’s capital decades before government-sanctioned redlining policies were implemented in cities across the country.
Explore this story map [link coming very soon!] to learn why many of DC’s “historically black” neighborhoods were once exclusively white, and how the city’s racial geography has been shaped by segregation. As Mapping Segregation’s first installment, the story map focuses on legal challenges to covenants and where they took place. It also reveals why DC was central to the struggle to abolish restricted housing nationwide.
This is the first project of its kind; racial covenants have never been comprehensively documented for any American city nor combined or exhibited with other data in this way. Organized by Prologue DC and GIS mapping specialist Brian Kraft of JMT Technology Group, it was launched in January 2014 and has been funded in part by Humanities DC.
Mapping Segregation is an ongoing project, so please check this page for updates. Or email and ask us to keep you posted. We also welcome your comments!

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