Tuesday, June 16, 2015

DC Water 1st Street Tunnel update from Vickey Wilcher

From: Vickey.Wilcher@dcwater.com
To: Vickey.Wilcher@dcwater.com; Thomas.Lindberg@dcwater.com
Subject: FST Community Update
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 15:56:05 +0000

Dear Fist Street Tunnel Stakeholders:

Please see below for the most recent First Street Tunnel (FST) Project Activities Update: 

1.    Lucy, the FST Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), is currently being assembled and tested at the base of the shaft at the main mining shaft at First and Channing Streets NW. Once testing is complete, the TBM will begin mining southbound under First Street beginning in July. The TBM has 2700 linear feet to mine, ending under the intersection of First and Rhode Island Ave NW. DC Water will keep you posted on its progress. DC Water has a twitter feed on Lucy-the TBM: https://twitter.com/LucyTBM

2.    Surface Construction Activities—excavation of diversion chambers at the Adams Street, V Street and Pumping Station Construction Staging Areas continues. Rebar and concrete will be delivered to all sites within the established working hours. However, to ensure a quality productonce a concrete pour has begun it must continue until completeAlthough we are not planning to have any concrete placements run late, there is always a chance that this could occur. However, please note that the contractor will do everything possible to avoid working past 7:00 pm.

3.    Micro-tunnel or Adits (smaller underground tunnels leading to First Street Tunnel)—Construction is underway at First and V Street and will begin at Adams & Flagler Place in July.

4.    Saturday Work—SKJD will continue to work on Saturdays from 9AM until 5PM. However, if concrete delivery is required on that day, work may extend beyond the 5:00 pm end time.

5.    Next public meeting—the next Tunnel Forum Meeting will be held on Thursday, July 23rd at 7PM at St. George’s Church.

6.    Adams & Flagler CSA—excavation of the frozen ground in the main drop shaft has begun.  Jackhammering in the shaft along with the removal of the soils will continue until SKJD reaches the 97 feet deep point. We expect this phase of the work to last until September 2015. 

7.   DC Water’s FEMS Mural Project—Local neighborhood artist, Nessar Jahanbin, will begin work on the murals this month. For more information on this project, please click the following link (See slides 38 through 47):  http://www.dcwater.com/workzones/projects/first_street_tunnel/attachments/Tunnel_Forum_Presentation_05282015.pdf

As always, please remember to call the 24/7 Hotline (844) FST-INFO / (844) 378-4636 if you have questions or concerns about the project. Also, please visit the DC Water website at http://www.dcwater.com/workzones/projects/first_street_tunnel/ to view recent public meeting PowerPoint Presentations and meeting minutes.

Sincere Regards,

The First Street Tunnel Project Team

Tom Lindberg, DCCR First Street Tunnel - Public Outreach Lead DC Clean Rivers Project | DC Water 5000 Overlook Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20032 t (202) 787-4738 f (202) 787-4478 | Email: thomas.lindberg@dcwater.com | FST web page: http://dcwater.com/workzones/projects/first_street_tunnel/

Vickey M. Wilcher | Public Outreach Officer DC Clean Rivers Project | DC Water
|Vickey.Wilcher@dcwater.com (202) 787-4717

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