Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ghosts of DC (revisited from 2012): "Why is it named Bloomingdale ?"

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It has been a really long time since we did a “Why is it Named…?” post, and since at least a quarter of GoDCers live in Bloomingdale (I totally made that number up), we are going to focus a quick history lesson on the ultra-hipster, fixed-gear bike and mustache epicenter of D.C.
No, it is not named after the department store. Bloomingdale’s was founded back in 1860 in New York.
The neighborhood’s name traces its roots back to the Bloomingdale estate, purchased for $600 (!) by George Beale in 1823 from William Randolph (guessing the dude that’s the namesake of Randolph Pl. NW). The estate sat at he southwest corner of what is now North Capitol and Randolph (below is the Baist Real Estate Map of the corner in 1907).   

UPDATE: For the dozen or so questions via different communication channels, the name Bloomingdale comes from Bloomingdale estate (referenced above).

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  1. very interesting! and wasn't most of the land apple orchards?