Saturday, June 20, 2015

67 V Street NW developer obtains permit - to create a three-unit pop-up and pop-back - "disgusted"

See this tweet:

67 V St developer got permit yesterday - exactly 1 wk before new regs go into effect banning such monstrous popup. Disgusted.
8:13 AM - 20 Jun 2015 
Here is what is found at
New rear additon 3 stories, 1 new story on top of current structure to create one totalling 3 units. Interior alternations at all levels including new kitchens and bathrooms, new lighting and mechanical zones. 


  1. Also disgusted: this looks like the mirror image of 42 W which is the case study and cautionary tale of development gone horribly wrong. And flies in the face of clear government and popular intent, days before new regs.

    Is there anything that can be done in terms of appeal or other action at this point? I'm sure many will want to help if there is.

  2. isn't it time that DCRA was investigated for its bad behavior? Who are those people anyway?