Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bloomingdale Farmers Market: Do you want Corn Sunday ?

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Date: June 24, 2015 at 11:26:44 PM EDT
Subject: Do you want Corn Sunday?
Hi BFM Fans,

We are open, rain or shine!

Do you love Corn?  Your 8 month wait is over because Garner will have beautiful Vision yellow sweet  corn Sunday, very sweet and tender with deep kernels and less cob.

Do you love berries and cherries?  Reid will have blueberries, red currants, gooseberries, sweet cherries, sour cherries. Sugar snap peas, red and black raspberries.

Now that we are starting to see field tomatoes, add some feta, some cucumbers and some spring onions and pretend it's Greece. Greek salads!

CHEF DEMO: Marcella Kriebel will be cooking from the new edition of her illustrated cookbook, Mi Comida Latina. Yep, there are new recipes. 10:30-12.

Cheer on WHISKED: Jenna writes: "We are one of five finalists in Mess Hall's Launch Pad competition - a business plan competition for culinary entrepreneurs. The winner will get to take over a stand at Union Market for an extended pop up (6 months - 1 year), to introduce their retail concept to the world. We're honored to be among the finalists, along with Bao Bros Bar, Bene, Half Smoke and Arepa Zone. On July 12th we'll compete in a cook-off and pitch challenge with the other finalists at a special event at Union Market. In the meantime, wish us luck."

Bike House will be under the tent from 11-1 to help you put your bikes into summer splendor.

Rain or Shine, we are open.  The farmers will be there and we hope you are too.


CUCINA AL  VOLO:  Matteo is creating a beet and goat cheese ravioli for us,  (a nostalgic nod to  Stefano, our former pastamaker's most popular pasta.) the overstuffed duck ravioli, the homemade burrata in a ravioli, whole wheat spaghetti, spinach fusilli, egg rigatoni, asparagus gazpacho.  NEW SOUP: Cucumber Soup.  Remember you only need a teaspoon of pesto to dress a portion of pasta.  (It's true -- I made it yesterday).
MOUNTAIN VIEW ORGANICS: Sugar Snaps, beets, Hakurei turnips, Garlic Scapes, Baby fennel, collarlds, Swiss Chard, Kale, SWEET Summer Crisp lettuce, Summer squash, baby carrots.  Tart Cherries for pies. Celtuce.

The gorgeous young FENNEL is a 3-fer.  Grate the bulb raw with carrots (you can add grated kohlrabi) for slaw.  Turn the stalks into a creamy vegetable soup (chop stalks, spring onion tops, summer squash.  Saute until they yield water, then add enough water to make a soup but not above the level of the vegetables.  Simmer. Salt. Puree until cloudlike with basil. )  Use the fronds instead of dill or wrapped around fish or chicken before baking or grilling.

TRUCK PATCH: Pastured Pork central with interesting cuts.  Famous bacon. Sausages. Chickens. The place to find baby arugula, spinach, swiss chard, baby squash, beets.  Add some of Cherry Glen's feta for the perfect salad.

GARNER: Sweet Corn and Early Girl field tomatoes tell you that summer has arrived at the market. Squash blossoms love to be stuffed and fried or roasted or made into a Mexican omelet.  Green, wax and Roma beans. Green and hot peppers. Candy and Spring Onions. Sugar snaps and peas. Zucchini, green and yellow and summer squash. Savoy cabbage, arugula, red beets, Asian greens mix and kohlrabi. Parsley, cilantro and dill.

WHISKED: Classic Sour Cherry pie with crunchy crumble topping. Strawberry rhubab pie sings of Spring as we enter into summer.Strawberry Lemon Pie is a lemon custard swirled with their homemade strawberry compote. Salted Caramel Apple Pie. Sea Salt Chocolate Chess Pie. Quiches: Italian Zucchini and Bacon, Cheddar, Onion,  Don't forget the cookies.

KESWICK CREAMERY: What do you get when you have a herd of Jersey cows that are only raised on grass and hay?  And you add a small herd of goats?  When you mix the milk, you create some wonderful cheeses.  Some of them are mixed milk versions of English classics like the new Pub Music.  Some are unique like Frosty Girl.  Some are all cow milk: the Alpine rustic tommes that are rindwashed weekly in water or Troeg beer or local cider.  I talked about the quark last week, the yogurt is a perpetual favorite. More than 20 cheeses and you can sample each one every week.

Yogurt and berries are a happy combination.  Ricotta and quark like summer fruit as well.

PANORAMA: French bakers, French breads and pastries. Lots of different breads and pastries including the Washington Post's new darlng: Kouign Amann.  (Hey, it started HERE at market when Damien decided to introduce Breton specialties).  Of course we have croissants and baguettes.  The Pumpernickel raisin should be sliced and toasted and schmeared with Keswick's quark for brunch or breakfast.

NUMBER 1 SONS: I am addicted to the Rosetido slaw.  It is spicy, it's red, it is soooo flavorful.  The Kicky Koshers too.  Lots of pickles, slaws, krauts, kimchis. dilly beans.  And the Salsa so verde is a marvelous condiment.  Fermented foods cut through the fat of barbecues, they wake up the palate, they turn a bowl of rice into something exciting.   And what they go well with is often unexpected.  Kimchi loves tomato salad -- who would have guessed that?

PRODUCE PLUS IS BACK AT THE MARKET.  Please spread the word that anyone with a food access ID and a DC government picture id  can get $10 dollars for fruits and vegetables at the market every week while the funding lasts.  Plus $5 in farmers market matching money.  Anyone with SNAP food stamps, WIC, Senior FMNP, CSFP (Grocery Plus), TANF, and Medicaid qualifies.

See you Sunday

Robin, Teds, Rachel

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