Friday, June 26, 2015

contents of a potentially stolen package found on door step

See this 06-26-2015 message from a Bloomingdale household:

Believe someone's mail or package got broken into.  I came home from a trip to find 3 large 16oz bottles of Omega 3 Fish Oil on my door step (which is kind of out of sight from the street).   When this has happened before it has usually been due to someone having a package taken from their front door, the thieves then run down the street and discard whatever they can't sell on my steps or in the gap between my house and my neighbor's.  Please contact me at 571 then 212-0303 if this was your package that got stolen.

Finally, I have lived in the neighborhood since 2003 and can't emphasize enough to never have a package delivered here.  Have it sent to your office or a friend in a large building where the front desk can sign for it.  Anything mailed to Bloomingdale or many other neighborhoods in the city is likely to disappear....sadly.

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