Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New York Times article on McMillan: "A Reimagining in Washington Divides the Neighbors"

First, see this tweet: 
A Reimagining in Washington Divides the Neighbors
10:00 AM - 24 Jun 2015 

Now here are the first two paragraphs from this article.

Doris Newton lives in the Stronghold, while Dianne Barnes lives in Bloomingdale.  

Click on the article link below.  You will see an image of Stronghold resident Kirby Vining.

Ward 5 Councilmember McDuffie, who lives across from the site, is also referenced.

Commercial Real Estate

A Reimagining in Washington Divides the Neighbors
by Eugene L. Meyer
June 23, 2015 

Washington -- From her second-floor bedroom window two miles north of the United Stats Capitol, Doris Newton can graze across a grassy field and reservoir at Founder's Library Clock Tower at Howard University, her alma mater.  She fervently hopes her view won't change.

Two blocks away, Dianne Barnes has another perspective.  She cares less about preserving Ms. Newton's iew and more about a proposed mixed-use project for the 25-acre site says is badly needed to provide services and amenities to her rowhouse neighborhood. 

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