Tuesday, June 23, 2015

BZA hearing today on 2026 North Capitol St NW zoning variance today was short; a subsequent hearing date is now scheduled for Tuesday, 07-28-2015

The hearing today for the pursued zoning variances for 2026 North Capitol Street NW was extremely short.

Lloyd Jordan noted up front that the DC Office of Planning recommended against and that ANC 5E had voted to oppose, both of which carry great weight.  Teri Janine Quinn, chair of ANC 5E, confirmed.

Mr. Jordan expressed unease at the attorney representing both the developer and the condo owner.  

The attorney representing the developer (and one of the two condominium purchasers?) did not appear to have submitted all of the documents that Mr. Jordan was seeking. 

Mr. Jordan said that the attorney claimed that the cost of removing the unapproved decks would be cost-burdensome.  But no documentation was provided to support that claim.  

He asked for a copy of the purchase document. It was noted, however, that the condo owner is not obligated to submit the sales contract.

He asked the condo owner for a timeline of events.  He noted that the owner purchased the condo knowing that there were government issues with the property.  

The attorney mentioned a provisional Certificate of Occupancy (C of O).  Mr. Jordan countered that provisional C of O's can be issued for all sorts of reasons -- so it sounded like Mr. Jordan was sort of dismissing that as an argument.

Mr. Jordan mentioned that perhaps DCRA should be invited to attend.

A new hearing date has been set for Tuesday, 07-28-2015.  The document submission deadline is Tuesday, 07-21-2015.

Mr. Jordan did not appear to be sympathetic to the case, in any event.

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