Friday, December 30, 2005

Manasas combats illegal immigrants

American, getting less free by the minute!
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The city of Manassas yesterday defended a new zoning ordinance that restricts households to immediate relatives, saying that the city acted within its limited right to control residential occupancy and that the new rule defining "family" was adopted in response to "broad-based community concerns about overcrowding."

This is an interesting article to me because of my concerns for a legal and clean neighborhood, and my concerns for freedom. But i dont want the govermnet to be concerned with whats happeing INSIDE my house.

This connects to Bloomingdale, in that we have many many "problem houses" in our neighborhood. Most of us want them gone, but the judges don't seem to lock up enough perps of "quality of life" crimes. I dont believe that we should legislate symptoms of crimes, as the article claims overcrowding is. Much like i dont believe in the "drug enforcemnet zones" that frequently get set up in Bloomingdale, Eckington, and Turxton. But, when someone breaks a real law, the law needs to pound them for it.

On tricky issues like this, i will always have to side with more freedom, less legislation.

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