Friday, December 02, 2005

Rumor about the firehouse

I had heard that the proposals for the firehouse are down to TWO. And both include a restaurant on the ground floor.

While I don't really know how accurate that is, I'm still excited by the prospect.

One of the proposals is for the entire place to be a restaurant, the other is to have an arts based business/studio/school on the second and third floor. Both sound GREAT to me.

Also, there's talk of a Tavern coming to the 1500 block of north capitol. That may be as early as next summer.

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Mari said...

It's true. I chatted with one of the applicants some time ago who said he'd know something by Christmas. Well it is after Christmas so I'll blab, a little. Yes, it is down to two. So it will either be a cool neighborhood restaurant or an office.