Sunday, October 08, 2006

my future studio, art school, gallery, decorative painting services showroom is still on the market

yes, after 258 days on the market 1631 North Capitol ( MLS #DC5508084) has still not sold, though there has been a price reduction.

So that means that for a mere $800,000 ( plus closing costs and taxes) any of you out there could fund my serious art habit!

while the place is a bit raw, i freaking love this building. look at pictures here

it's interesting to note that the Lincoln road side has the more interesting facade, which indicates the "front side" so to speak. The pop out window is gorgeous.

At roughly $200/square foot plus big time renovation costs it seems that this wont be a major addition to the sparse retail/commercial /begging bloomingdalian art studio landscape of bloomingdale/ eckington/ the north capitol corridor anytime soon.

but seriously... if'n you want to patronize the arts, i'm always looking for a sponsor....

Call me, we'll work something out.

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