Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stu Davenport- TONIGHT.

I didn't take a stance on this blog about who i voted for mayor and i I dont really want this blog to take a stand on particular candidates for ANC either.

This is about community rather than taking sides... mainly.

Still, I think Mr. Davenport has some great ideas for the community. It is certainly no secret that i'm a coffee fiend and very excited about the Big Bear Cafe. There are other things the Stu has planned ( and in effect) and TONIGHT is a great opportunity to find out what they are.

So with that in mind, i'd like to encourage everyone to attend a meet-n-greet tonight

Meet and Greet at 1719 1st ST. NW tonight (wednesday) from 6pm to 8pm to learn more about Stu Davenport

Come and learn more about the Farmer's Market comming to 1st and R NW in the spring, the neighborhood wireless program, the Big Bear Cafe, beautification grants, crime issue programs, etc., etc.

He wants to get to know you and hear what you think.
There will be beer and wine and happy people.

Email Stu if you have questions or concerns:

1719 First street is between R and Randolph Place NW

Whether or not you vote for Stu, i think you will like the ideas that he has. I'm sure you'll like the guy.

Sadly i cant make it as i'm hoping to get elected to the board of the washington sculptors group and am going to their meeting. SO, someone please send me a recap of the night!

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