Saturday, December 09, 2006

random stuff.

1. last night there was a truck. tent ( and radio station dj) set up at giant accepting non perishables for the capitol area food bank.
it is my understanding that city funding has not met up with the needs of food services to the poor. please help.

2. The new town. why in hell is this happening? the capitol city market is thriving bustling and hoppin. even the flea market has picked up tremendously. please mr orange, just be the lame duck u oughta be and go fishing. your shortsightedness with the brightwood project disqualifies you from being a part of urban development.

3. Might XM merge with Sirius? is that good for eckington?

4. I that there is a major developemt happening to the north of us at Riggs and South Dakota. the tiger market area, if you know it. its a LOT of land.

5. A wine bar , "the perfect glass" at first and seaton?

6. Is hellers still going to open a place in the green ember?

7. Stu mentioned that the proposed farmers market is moving along. he does need help though.

8. Proposed DC Comprehensive Plan Specifically “recognizes Soldiers' Home and McMillan Reservoir as important open space serving the north central part of the city”

9. please leave your front stoop light on.

10 december's slammed busy for me so i prolly cant make your christmas parties. sorry.

11 chevy chas wants to be a historic district. InShaw calls for just calling the whole city historic and be done with it already.

12 DCPD made a big arrest of a sexual predator in the hood recently. i hadnt really followed the news but it sounds like the police did a bang up job.

what else has been happening?


IMGoph said...

Yeah, what's the deal with Heller's? I heard about that coming before I moved into the neighborhood, and it was something I was excited to tell people, that'd I'd be less than a block from my favorite donuts in town.

Sean Hennessey said...

i sent an email to ask.

Anonymous said...

I sent an email about 4-5 months ago. They wrote back and said they were very serious about moving in, but things take time, etc etc...

I don't really buy this anymore. The other day I realized that there were *more* businesses in Bloomingdale/Ledroit when I moved in five years ago than today. Pendleton's soaps, the Junque store, and (of course) A&L Market are all closed now.

I really think someone needs to start organizing a coop business in Bloomingdale... since nobody else is willing to take a chance on retail here, we should do it ourselves.

IMGoph said...

well, because I want to learn, and I'm new to the neighborhood, can you give me a quick primer on where these stores were? What was in the place across the street from me (the northeast corner of 1st and Seaton). Was there a T-Mobile store on 1st next to DC Mini Mart (as it appears on the faded awning there?)