Friday, December 29, 2006

"Wave of the future"

1. I absolutely LOVE the expression "wave of the future".

2. I believe in lightrail, monorail, efficient mass transit, community minded mass transit, and fluid interconnected inner city neighborhoods.

3. I value Pedestrian life greater than i value a city system dedicated to cars. I believe that it benefits the body and mind, as well as fostering retail, arts, and local economies.

3. I love trolleys.

here is a quote from an article about lightrail on h street NE.

"Light rail is the wave of the future if you care about the environment," Washington's delegate to Congress, Eleanor Holmes Norton, said. Ms. Norton, 69, said she expects fellow Democrats, who take control of Congress in January, to boost funding for such projects across America."

full article here

here is a link to more information about the future of trolleys in dc.
though, as seems typical in this city, the page hasnt been updated in a long time and what started as a big bang with momentum has not been transparent since. the last listed publication was 2005. what IS happening?

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