Tuesday, February 27, 2007

bloomingdale farmers market/ EC-12

i've been away most of the month so i've been slow on the postings. what have i missed?

I saw this message from Stu Davenport, of Big Bear Cafe and ANC fame, concerning the Bloomingdale Farmers Market.

1. We have sent applications to farmers in the area of Gettysburg,
Richmond, and Middleburg, and we are working now on getting R street
closed once a week between 1st and Florida, NW. What was most
important a few weeks ago was to get community input from our surveys
on when the market should open, and then we could write the
applications stating the day the Farmers would show. Now that we have
such a strong response pushing for saturday as the market day, we can
work to get the permit from DDOT to close the street down. We can
then get formal commitment letters from the farmers so that things
will definitely start up in June...

2. In order to close the street down we need signatures from the
neighbors on R street, a letter of support from the ANC, and a traffic
control plan. We met with the ANC last week, and they will vote at the
next meeting to write the letter of support. We have also started
getting signatures from the residents on R by going door to door, and
we met with the head of DDOT who is walking us through thttp://www2.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifhe remainder
of the street closing process. I asked for a meeting with Sharlene
Reed, and when I meet with her on Wednesday I will ask her to help
draft the traffic control plan, and give basic information on DDOT
issues we have to be aware of.

The awaited news from Brian Brown about the firehouse on north capitol wasn't very telling. Basically, its still moving forward. they still expect the XM portion to happen. No ETA.

click here for news about the Big Bear Cafe.

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The Marpepps! said...

Everyone here at 61 R is psyched on the prospect of the farmer's market, and will do anything we can to help!