Sunday, February 04, 2007

NCMS Inc.'s 4th Annual Winter Blues Party and Silent Auction

i just donated a scupture to winter blues auction. If you go, bid on it!
more of my artwork can be seen here

What: NCMS Inc.'s 4th Annual Winter Blues Party and Silent Auction
Where: Social Hall at Trinity University, 125 Michigan Ave., NE
When: 7 pm to 10 pm, Saturday, February 24
Why: To raise funds for NCMS, Inc.'s neighborhood economic revitalization projects

i dont know how you buy tickets yet... but here is the North Capitol Main Streets website,
and pictures from last years event.

when i learn about the tickets, i'll post.
please leave a comment if you know more about the event.

here is a list of NCMS accomplishments:

-Made substantial physical improvements to two previously neglected public parks on North Capitol Street, including purchasing and installing trees and wrought iron fencing at both parks

-Provided interior design assistance to Windows Café and Market, including selecting a contemporary and exciting color palette for the interior of the café, and decorating the café to create a warm and inviting atmosphere

- Awarded technical assistance services from ReStore DC-a economic improvement program in the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development-to assist NCMS, Inc. with work plan development, identifying funding opportunities, and developing a communications strategy

-Awarded a $4,500 grant from ANC 5C to fund the completion of the beautification of the two public parks on North Capitol Street

-Sponsored a grand opening celebration for a neighborhood retail business in October 2004, and issued a press release about the event. Ward Five Councilman Vincent Orange and over 70 neighborhood residents attended the grand opening celebration

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