Monday, June 18, 2007

a business i'd like to see move to the neighborhood.

warehouse theatre cafe

not that i want them to leave their current space, but, you know, if they do.

Is this the kind of business you'd like to see move here?


Anonymous said...


that, and some more eateries.

i can definitely name the kinds of businesses i DON'T want here!


Anonymous said...

have you contacted to tell them so? i have! email molly at

let's get them excited about moving here!

Sean Hennessey said...

sure have. and the possibility exists.......

Invisible Sun said...

Would the vacant buildings on Longfellow, bordered by Colorado on the East and 16th Street one the West, be big enough space for them???

Sean Hennessey said...

while i'm partial to seeing warehouse come to my hood, i'd rather see them find the right space. i dont really know their needs or the buildings you're refering to. contact them and let them know.

i really want to see this place survive, regardless of where in the city it needs to go.