Friday, June 15, 2007

an interesting thread about customer service

taken from the comment section at frozen tropics:
Customer service is a HUGE problem in DC, not just on the Hill (but I think it's especially bad on the Hill). I've got several friends that have travelled extensively throughout the US and the world. Each one of them tells me that by and large DC has the worst customer service of nearly any city they've spent much time in.

There is a thread
over at frozen tropics about the improperly named "Clothing Cafe", which isnt a cafe at all. Whats interesting is the talk of customer service in DC.

I certainly have also noticed the poor service in DC. As a business owner myself, i take great pains to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of my clients. As a former waiter, barista,cook and bus boy i have worked in places that demanded excellent customer service. I never thought it was hard to deliver. Jump over to Baltimore and you get treated excellently, even at crappy places. DC? not so much.

I certainly don't go back to places where i was treated poorly. Except for the Argonaut, cuz only one waitress was bad and i'll just sit at the bar if she's working. everyone else there rocks.

Happily, i've had outstanding service at bloomingdales own Big Bear Cafe.

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