Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"how can we get the police to focus on our area more?"

See this 10/26/2009 message from Bloomingdale resident Alexandra:

I feel like crime, especially dangerous/violent crime, has escalated in this neighborhood over the last few months. I don't dare walk my dog at night anymore. It also concerns me that I do not see many police cars patrolling the area, despite all the recent events. And I don't know what needs to be done at this point. Though a gated community is not the solution, perhaps something like private neighborhood security patrols or more video cameras should be considered.

What else can/should be done?

How can we get the police to focus on our area more? Please don't respond by telling me to leave the neighborhood - I live in Bloomingdale because I love it, but also don't want to feel like I can't leave my house in the evening (or the morning, for that matter considering that many horrible events have occurred during daylight) without a high chance of getting mugged or worse. My thoughts go out to all who have had to experience these ordeals firsthand.


Anonymous said...

Call the police when you see suspicious activity or shady characters in your neighborhood. Do this each time something seems amiss.
Make sure all the street lights on your street are operating, it not call the city. See if you can get Neighborhood Watch signs placed on your street. Request a patrol car do an area check a couple of times a day.
You can even request an unmanned marked patrol car be parked on your street or at it's intersection.

Anonymous said...

I agree that something needs to change. I remember a nearby house that was obviously selling drugs. I called the police for noise complaints and also I called the police when I smelled the pot they were smoking. Cars would pull up in the back alley and a deal would be made.

I called the police a ton... nothing ever changed.
The only way the situation changed was when they were forced to move out after their mother died... sad, but there was finally peace on the block. It is pretty ridiculous that police and the city can't address nuisance properties better.

I wish I could offer you something better Alex... I've resolved to not be afraid, and to hold others accountable for their behavior. I may just be talking a big game, because no one has bothered me. Whether that's because I try to keep good situational awareness (no cell phone or ipod use at night) I don't know. The dog should help out, no?

Dave, S Street

Alexandra said...

Thanks guys, both, for your comments. Yes, the dog helps, but I am also worried that they will just shoot her if they are scared. I do call whenever I see suspicious activity and if the lights are out. I have not, however, requested patrols - I wasn't aware that that was an option. Is that a 311 request, I assume? Thanks again.

Alex - Seaton Pl.

Anonymous said...

USt I;
Bloomingdale is still safe and quiet.The drug boys hang out because they can. I doubt that they are new to the hood. Call the police get to know your neighbors. Take media and make notes when you can. Look out for yourself and for others that dwell around you. Make sure your ANC is aware. V Chambers was instrumental in turning bloomingdale around if you think its bad now. It is nothing compared to what it used to be. Attend the community meetings ask 5D/2D for special attention. Walking and Bike patrols.If you know a property is the problem appeal to the owner they may not be aware. Use the weapons you have. Urk them as much as they urk you.

Anonymous said...

we need to change the gun laws in dc. right now only the criminals have guns. if we could EASILY get guns LEGALLY instead of the stupid bureaucratic voluminous arcane expensive time consuming unconstitutional process they now have in place. that way we shoot these thugs as they invade our houses, before they tie us up with tape and wire and before they steal everything we worked hard to pay for.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Colbert had it right when he made the argument to Elenore Holmes-Norton that the District of Columbia is not part of the United States of America.

-Randolph Place, Southside.