Sunday, October 25, 2009

New York Pizza's bullet-proof glass -- support or oppose?

The KFC at 2 Florida Avenue NE recently re-opened as a New York Pizza restaurant.

The interior is more or less the same as the KFC -- there is bullet-proof glass greeting the customer.

Some residents support the presence of the bullet-proof glass; others oppose it.

Here are some recent comments:

I was wondering --- Have any of those persons commenting negatively about these precautions ever had to work in one of these establishments and deal on a daily basis with all the different types of persons that come in to do business. Have they ever been the only attendant in one of these establishments. Until our neighborhood changes even more than it has, I applaud the business owners for taking precautions to take care of the safety of themselves and their employees.

Walk a mile in the shoes of the workers. Try to support these businesses so that we can have more establishments to service our needs locally.

-- Long time resident of 4th Street, Northwest

I would like to thank the posters who will not visit stores with glass, you are part of the reason that Luciano's on P and N. Cap is no longer in business. Before they closed, a few windows were broken and an ATM was ripped from the wall. In that environment, glass is a matter of personal safety. Comparing Big Bear which only has daylight hours to a place which is open until 1am on the weekends is a bit of a stretch. Five Guys is also in a bit of a better situation as there isn't a large population of vagrants camping outside. I would invite you to open up a minimally staffed restaurant without glass and see how safe that intersection is.

-- 1500 block of 1st Street NW resident.

What do YOU think?

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Pat said...

It is nice when businesses don't have the bullet proof glass but it's unfair of people to criticize business owners who do choose to use it.

Having a business in our area is better than abandoned store fronts. Hopefully more businesses will follow Big Bear Cafe and Windows Cafe in not having the glass but it's more important to support new businesses.

Unit Block of Seaton Place in Bloomingdale

Unknown said...

What Pat said. Having that place running a nice business providing a good service (it's impossible to get good pizza in this town) is way better than a blighted store front. To me, that says way more about the neighborhood than the glass. At least the place is open, as opposed to owners being so scared to open a business here they don't even do it.

That being said, they're a little too pricy, but still decent pizza. ;)

1900 block of 2nd St. in Bloomingdale.

Jodie said...

This posting is timely. As I walked to the Metro this morning, I noticed the bullet-proof glass and decided it is not the place for me. Don't get me wrong, I understand safety. But this is indicative of a bigger issue in our neighborhood: the corners of N. Capitol and Florida and N. Capitol and P. You can't compare Big Bear or Windows because they don't have the same issues as a business on N. Capitol and Florida. Something needs to be done to clean up the intersection. I have to deal daily with the mess that takes place there in the evening as I walk home from the Metro so I'm certainly not going to deal with it while I'm trying to get something to eat, which is why I never went to Luciano's, I don't go to the liquor/convenience store and I will not go to NY Pizza.

-- Jodie, two-year resident on the unit block of Q ST NW.

Anonymous said...

I get peeved at having to interact with another human being behind 2 inches of solid pyrex, but i understand its a safety issue. My personal opinion is that their pizza just doesn't taste good, at all thats why i'm not going to patronize them.

--Tolu on Flagler Place

David said...

I honestly can't wrap my head around what a hoopla this is causing. Yes, bullet proof glass serves as a stark reminder that we do not live in Pleasantville. However, is it really that appalling as to write a place off for being cautious?

It seems to me that people are projecting on behalf of the neighborhood. As if admitting that no one in their right mind would open a store on N. Capitol and Florida without some extra safety measures is also admitting the we live in crappy neighborhood.

We live in a great neighborhood. But it has its issues. Crime being number one on that list. So, I think it would much more productive so funnel this unease into the problem and now how people are trying to deal with it.

I haven't eat at this place yet. I wish them luck and as a Brooklynite I hope they make good pizza!

David 1742 N. Capitol St. NW

Anonymous said...

I don't need to run a business to choose where I spend my money, nor do I have to "walk a mile" in anyone's shoes, as this is a business issue, not charity.

Any business that can't provide a reasonable level of security for their customers and staff isn't going to get my patronage. That means dealing with the root problem, like getting rid of vagrants outside your premises, hiring a security guard to police the area, whatever. Hiding behind 2 inches of plate glass, and leaving me on the other side to cope with all the crap, isn't dealing with the problem.

EmilyHaHa said...

Having stopped in at Flagler Place Market at least weekly or more, I can attest to the verbal harrassment (and threatens of worse) the employees - especially the women - face there. I have asked other patrons to calm down and watch their language on occassion, which might be stupid of me, but I just can't stand seeing other people being abused like that. Bullet-proof glass may no longer be necessary to prevent actual bullets, but until certain area residents get some manners and can behave in a civil manner with those who choose to do business in Blooomingdale, I see no alternative.

Em, 100 Block of Adams, NW





Anonymous said...

I don't think bullet-proof glass is at all a solution to the problems of North Capitol - in fact, it makes it worse - but it'd be crazy for a business on North Capitol St. to neglect it, particularly from that intersection down to New York Ave. Ultimately, something has to be done to make this stretch of North Cap less of a problem area. More businesses will definitely help, as business owners take charge of their sidewalk space. But goodness knows its hard to lure in business when it has to be conducted behind glass...

- Robert on the 1300 block of North Capitol Street (Truxton Circle)

bamoll said...

The bullet-proof glass is awful, but I agree with all who mention the larger problem here being North Capitol St. While I don't pretend to know all of the answers, it would help to A) slow traffic down, B) make it less convenient for Maryland drivers to use North Capitol as a freeway to Downtown and Capitol Hill (seriously) and C) beautify the street. We can begin to accomplish all three by reconstructing Truxton Circle. It would also help to remove the grade separation on North Capitol between approx. Adams and Randolph Pl. A good street breeds healthy retail and life; North Capitol is not a good street right now. -B, Bloomingdale

David said...

I'm on the fence about this place being behind bullet proof glass. On the one hand I feel there are better ways to protect yourself than hiding inside of a fort, some of them have been mentioned here. On the other hand, if the glass was already there from the KFC days, it's probably the most cost effective solution and the saving will hopefully be passed on to the consumer.

Bullet proof glass or not, I'm not going to eat there because the Pizza is horrible. I reviewed it on for your convenience:

Anonymous said...

anonymous, if you want a yuppie pizza place, try a yuppie intersection. you want them to pay a security patrol and police the intersection? clearly you don't understand what this costs as compared to glass. no danger in you running a successful pizza place in this neighborhood, i guess.

Anonymous said...

I am willing to give it a chance but one thing I see that no one has mentioned is when you see all these things going on around this pizza place or flager street do you call the police? People forget the police go where the calls come from. They work on stats and if they don't get calls then they think all is well and go patrol elsewhere. If you see things going on in front of these markets/stores call the police, give a description and you don't even have to leave your name. Don't ask the police to do something and be on every corner if your not willing to do your part.

Shelly on 2200 block 1st st nw

Anonymous said...

For year's when the place was KFC it had glass, and before that it was Gino's it had the glass. If you are afraid to go there at least support it by placing a delivery order. When we choose not to frequent the eatery It'll close and go out of business and become an vacant eye sore again, attracting vagrants. BTW, most banks you go to have bullet proof glass, do we not use banks now because of this.
This area will never get off the ground, if we have such petty reasons as bulletproof glass.

Carey 100 Blk R st NE

Anonymous said...

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but it was my understanding that Luciana's closed because the owner jacked up the rent - not because the business wasn't supported by the neighborhood.

Greg said...

The bullet proof glass is symptomatic but not the disease. When there are two competing options (e.g. Windows versus Flagler Market), I will patronize the one without the glass. For the new pizza joint, they are the only game around there and one of the few pizzaries in the area, so I think we need to support them (provided the pizza is not crap).

The disease is trouble spots like the N Cap/Florida/P triangle. We need a ban on the sale of singles of beer in our Ward and a crackdown on places illegally selling single cigarettes. Take away cheap booze and cheap smokes and the vagrants will move away.

Meanwhile, we need to make sure those businesses who choose glass keep the rest of the property "pretty" and not "ghetto". The owners of the Dragon Express on RI have been there forever, have the ugliest storefront with glass and do not appear to have inverted a single dollar to rehabbing or making their establishment look nicer. We need to make sure NY Pizza does not follow down the same path.

2200 block of N Capitol

mcmullek said...

A few things. First, the thin-crust pizza is pretty darn good and my boyfriend and i are definitely pizza people (i.e. we eat it more than once a week).
Second, if the glass is jarring for you, opt for delivery. It's free, so why not do it?
Lastly, if bulletproof glass disturbs you, how in the world do you manage living in our area with everything else that goes on? Ordering in front of glass is something I've become accustomed too, like people passed out at the intersection of N. Capitol & Florida, shady goings on behind the Exxon and being hollered at any time of day.
Just because i put up it with it, doesn't mean i approve, but unfortunately it's the nature of the situation.
Quincy Place & N. Capitol