Thursday, September 09, 2010

seeking referrals for exterminators

See this request from a 4th Street NW resident:

Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for an exterminator specializing in bug removal. We had a bad experience with "Payne Pest Control" -- who never made good on a 6th month warranty after repeated attempts to set up follow up appointments -- and now are back at square one.


Anonymous said...

I have had a great experience with Affordable Pest, after finding them on Angie's List. Their annual contract includes return visits anytime you have a sighting. I have had only one sighting since their initial visit, a silverfish in my basement, and they came right back out, no charge.

Anonymous said...

So far so good with It's for termites, which might be different than your needs, but their service has been exceptional.

Allison said...

We like American Pest Management - we have the annual service where they set up and then come out every other month. We still have mice issues (eek!) but they are definitely catching a lot. Bonus is that they will use eco-friendly/most humane process possible, you just need to ask (not sure if it's there standard service, but it doesn't cost extra.)