Wednesday, September 29, 2010

seeking referrals for an inexpensive dog walker

See this request from a V Street NW household:
We are looking for a recommendation for an inexpensive dog walker - someone who is available midday on M-F.


Anonymous said...

Email Juan Sanchez for his "Happy Play Pack", Juan has been picking my dog up mid day for about 2.5 years bringing him to his house with a huge yard with about 7-10 other dogs where they play for about an hour. He then drops them off in the afternoon. Dogs are out of the house for about 3 hours/day. His prices are very competative. Not sure if i'm grandfathered into my rate since I've been with him for so long, but ask him how much he charges for a bundle of 20 days with the "pack". Juan also boards dogs at his house. This is very convenient. If I am leaving town on a Friday and returning on a Monday he will pick my dog up as usual Friday mid day and drop him off as usual Monday afternoon and I don't need to stress about taking my dog to a kennel. Tell Juan Griffin sent you.

"Juan Sanchez" ,

Anonymous said...

Sorry Juan Sanchez email:

Don McKinnon said...

I have enjoyed the services of Tracy Wormley. Tracy took the dog for full half-hour walks, twice a day, at a very reasonable rate. Her number is 202-352-3131.