Thursday, May 25, 2017

planting elm trees on Adams Street NW - resident input needed

Adams Street residents, please read the email below and let me know what your preference is regarding the planting of elm trees. Thank you!


Horacio Sierra, Ph.D.
ANC 5E08 Commissioner


As part of the restoration work for the 1St Street Tunnel and Small Diameter Projects we planned to install several new Street Trees along Adams Street between 2nd and 1st Street. There has been an issue in obtaining the tree species from our vendor. The landscaping contractor has not been able to find the Accolade Elm since these trees are only available in early fall, but they were able to find a similar tree called Princeton Elm. The contractor indicated that Princeton Elm is very close in characteristic to the Accolade Elm tree.

We are proposing presenting the following options to the affected residents: 1) Install the similar Princeton Elm trees; or 2) Come back in fall to install the Accolade Elm tree. Do you have a way to contact the Adams Street residents to get their input?

Furthermore, the additional ornamental tree fences that are being installed south side of Adams St. NW have a confirmed delivery date of 6/5/17. These ornamental fences therefore these will not be installed in time for the community event on 6/3/17. The Contractor has confirmed that the remaining landscaping will be completed no later than 6/2/17, provided we are able to install the Princeton Elm in place of the Accolade Elm.

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Unknown said...

I did a quick look online and found both trees. Both are good street trees, are resistant to Dutch Elm Disease, and Elm Beetles. Princeton Elms do seem to grow a bit larger, but that seems to be minor. Live on Flagler and not Adams, but they seems like a reasonable substitution.