Sunday, May 28, 2017

two cars on Bryant Street NW broken into overnight

From NextDoor Bloomingdale:

Two cars were broken into about two hours ago (2am) on Bryant Street. One car's rear driver side window was smashed, the other's passenger side window smashed. Although one car had an alarm, it didn't go off. Two guys were involved (one breaking in, one lookout) and they got away. I have reported this information to the police. First guy – Top: Dark shirt, Bottom: Dark pants, Race: Black, Sex: Male He was running and going through belongings at the same time dropping things along the way. The second guy – Hair: Long dreads, Top: Dark/Black top, Bottom: Tan, Build: Tall (between 5'9" and 6'0) and Slim, Race: Black, Sex: Male A couple of weeks ago, our car and another car were broken into but nothing of much value was taken besides a tire iron and umbrella. Lesson: Keep bags and other things that look like they may hold valuables out of sight.

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