Monday, August 28, 2017

neighbors seeking referrals for hardwood floor installers

See this request:

We are looking to have new hardwood floors installed.  Any recommendations? 


Unknown said...

Mark has done an amazing job retiring old hardwood from neglect and years under carpeting as well as installing new hardwood floors at reasonable rates. Plus quick and professional. +1 (202) 390-8909

Victor said...

I used Cardinal Distributors for hardwood restoration and repair and was very pleased with the quality of work and the customer service. 301.420.0503

V ST Resident said...

I would highly recommend Al Getz for any restoration of old Heart of Pine or other similarly hard to find wood floors. He did an amazing job in my house. A neighborhood architect recommended him to me and I couldn't have been happier. Contact him at: 301-606-1483