Wednesday, August 16, 2017

tonight at Big Bear Cafe: The Unified Scene Theater's Storytelling-for-Performance-Class grad show

The Unified Scene Theater's Storytelling-for-Performance-Class Grad Show @ Big Bear Cafe, Wednesday, August 16th, 8 pm

Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time as a way for us to relate to each other and give meaning to our experiences. However, in more recent years, oral storytelling has grown as a performance art, allowing us to perfect the art of telling, and shape our stories into compelling narratives that educate, entertain, inspire and often transform perception.
We're partnering with Big Bear Cafe (how cool is that?), located at 1700 1st Street, NW, Washington, DC, for the graduation showcase for our Storytelling for Performance class, on Wednesday, August 16th starting at 8 pm! That means we won't be at the usual TUS space, we'll be at Big Bear Cafe when our awesome students show us what they've learned over the past four weeks. Big Bear Cafe is generously providing drink and HHour specials. 
Show up and support our latest cast of graduates: 
Byron Crooks
Frankie Abralind
Caroline Nichols
Claire Dennis
Gina Deavers 
Giovanni Diviacchi
Rashee Raj
Danielle Witt 
Hosted by Kathy Baird Westfall and Shawn Westfall, co-founders of The Unified Scene Theater
RSVP & More Info here:
Shawn Westfall
Artistic Director
The Unified Scene Theater

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