Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Puerto Rico donation drive

From: jean-christophe
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 11:01 AM
Subject: Puerto Rico donation drive.

To help with the dire aftermath of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico we are taking part in the United for Puerto Rico donation/collection effort to sent relief help to the territory expeditiously. 
Puerto Rico needs our help now with basic supply (see list below) and/or with monetary donation (United for Puerto Rico is a trusted organization led by PR’a First Lady and donations can be made in their website. http://unidosporpuertorico.com/en/

In coordination with PRFAA (http://prfaa.pr.gov) we are collecting emergency supply at our house in Bloomingdale, DC (44 Rhode Island Ave NW). We’ll send a shipment to the main collection center in Arlington by Friday September 29th. 

Please do email us at Sabrg91@yahoo.com prior to stopping by to arrange delivery time or reach us at (202) 441-8341

Additionally, we will also hold a collection event on Sunday October 1st at the Bloomingdale Farmers Market located at Florida NW and 1st street NW.  

Thank you so much for your support. 
Marta and Jean-Christophe. 

General & Construction Supplies
batteries (AAA and D)
Camping gas stove 2 burner
Camping gas tanks. 
Portable solar cellphone battery charger. 
Water filter jar with filter (Brita, PUR etc.)
Battery table fans. 
Pocket portable radio with batteries. 
Tap lights with batteries
flashlights, solar lights

• Extension cords
• Ground fault protectors
• Pop-up canopies
• Shovels
• Wheelbarrows
• Crowbars
• Hammers
• Utility knives
• Work gloves
• Woodpanels
• Electric generators
 • Electric cables
• Tarp
• Ropes
• Chainsaws
• Safety glasses

Emergency Supplies
Bottled Water

• Baby wipes
• Hand sanitizer
• Diapers (baby and adult diaper, feminine hygiene products)
• Canned foods
• Dry foods
• Baby formula
• Garbage bags heavy duty 
Non-perishable food and shakes

Canned or power milk. 

• Canned and dry pet food
• Baby and adult pain relief

medicine (first aid and over the the counter meds)

• Stomach and Diarrhea relief medicine
• Mosquito repellant
• Blankets, towels. 
• Pillows
• First-aid kits
• Laundry detergents • Dish soap, toiletries and cleaning products (incl mops). 

No clothes or toys accepted!

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