Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bertha Holliday invites you to comment on HPO 2020 Historic Preservation Plan

See this 01-23-3018 message from Bertha Holliday:


HPO is releasing the 2020 District of Columbia Historic Preservation Plan by January 15 for a 45-day public comment period lasting until March 1, 2018. The Plan sets forth the vision and goals that will guide preservation efforts in the District, and is the result of public engagement led by HPO and the Office of Planning (OP) in coordination with the Comprehensive Plan update. Upon release, a copy of the plan will be posted on the OP website at www.planning.dc.gov.

Bertha Holliday
Commissioner, ANC 5E07
Treasurer, ANC 5E
"Serving Bloomingdale -- Building community"

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