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owner of 150 S Street NW has asked for postponement on the HPRB agenda from Thursday, 04-26-2018, to Thursday, 05-24-2018

Update: After I placed the post below here at the Bloomingdale Neighborhood blog, the DC Preservation League sent out this tweet and a subsequent corrective tweet:

Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2018 1:21 PM
Subject: [HistoricWashington] HPO Monthly Public Notice - April 2018

This document and others related to the April 26 and May 3 HPRB Meeting are accessible on the website at: .  A PDF copy with website hyperlinks is also attached to this message.

April 2018
Issued by email on April 10, 2018

This notice is the official monthly announcement by the District of Columbia’s Historic Preservation Office (HPO) of pending matters of public interest.  It includes items related to preservation planning, designation of historic landmarks and historic districts, and project reviews before the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) and U.S. Commission of Fine Arts (CFA). 

The continuation of the January 25, 2018 hearing on the proposed Kingman Park Historic District (all properties between East Capitol, 19th and M Streets NE and Maryland Avenue NE and the Anacostia River, Case 16-19) will be held on April 26, 2018.  Affected ANCs:  5D, 6A and 7D. 
Draft design guidelines for the proposed historic district have been prepared and are available at ( ). Comments or questions can be directed to . 

Draft sustainability guidelines for existing and historic properties have been prepared by the DC Department of Energy Environment (DDOE) in consultation with HPO.  The draft guidelines will be scheduled for consideration by the HPRB at the May 24, 2018 meeting and are available at ( . Comments or questions are appreciated by May 7, 2018 and can be directed to  

HPO and HPRB welcome and encourage Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) participation in the historic preservation review process.  HPRB gives great weight to duly adopted written ANC views on matters of significance to neighborhood planning and development.  

How Affected ANCs Should Use this Notice 
This is an initial notice to ANCs of construction projects recently filed for HPRB review.  Projects are identified by address and ANC area where the address is located.  Upcoming historic designation hearings are also listed, supplementing the separate notice letters mailed to ANCs. 
HPRB regulations are designed to allow ANCs to identify projects they believe are significant to neighborhood planning and development.  ANCs can request project submissions and applicant contact information from the assigned HPO staff person listed on this notice. 
The historic preservation regulations encourage, but do not require, applicants to contact the affected ANC to present their projects and to resolve any public concerns before HPRB review.  If an ANC is interested in a project listed on this notice, but has not yet been contacted by the applicant, the ANC is encouraged to arrange for an ANC review directly with the applicant.  

Longer Notice Period for Cases Undergoing ANC Review  
HPO gives notice according to rules designed to balance the interests of project applicants and ANCs.  If HPO is already aware of ANC interest in a project, the case is listed on two successive monthly notices in order to ensure a minimum notice to the affected ANC of 45 days (or 30 working days, whichever is longer).  This means that when these cases first appear on this notice, they are scheduled for the HPRB meeting at the end of the following month.  
HPO asks affected ANCs for help in identifying any other projects on this notice that they want to review at a public meeting.  Upon notification, HPO will ensure that the affected ANC receives a minimum 45-day notice of those cases.  ANCs may identify an interest in reviewing any or all cases that affect their area.  
For those cases that affected ANCs do not need to consider at a public meeting, HPO will proceed with review for possible consideration at this month’s HPRB meeting.  The shorter notice allows the application to proceed without unnecessary delay to the applicant or burden to the ANC. 

How to Ensure Consideration of ANC Views  
ANCs should first identify those cases on this notice they want to review.  ANCs should feel free to contact the assigned HPO staff person for information about any case.  ANCs should also contact HPO in writing to request an extended notice for those cases the ANC wants to review at a public meeting.  Requests are granted automatically and may be made by email to the assigned staff person or to   Requests should be made as soon as possible, but no later than two days before the upcoming HPRB meeting.  ANCs do not need to contact HPO about projects that are already scheduled to allow a 45-day review period, or that they have already reviewed. 

How to Submit ANC Comments 
For ANC comments to receive great weight, they must be adopted by ANC vote at a duly noticed public meeting.  ANC comments may be in resolution or letter format, and should be submitted within the 45-day review period.  Comments should relate to HPRB’s area of jurisdiction, state the vote taken, and articulate the basis for the ANC recommendations.  
Any ANC commissioner is welcome to participate in HPRB meetings as an individual, but only the duly adopted official comments of the ANC receive great weight.   

The applications listed on this notice and their associated materials are a matter of public record.  Case files are open for public review at the Historic Preservation Office during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, 1100 4th Street SW, Suite E650 (at Waterfront METRO station).   
For more information, see the HPO and HPRB website at . Some application materials are also posted on the website. 

Public comments are welcome on HPRB cases, and anyone may participate in an HPRB meeting without signing up in advance.  HPRB prefers to receive copies of written comments before their meeting.  Written comments submitted electronically by the deadlines below will be distributed to the HPRB members before the meeting.  Any comments received after the final deadline will held for the record but not distributed to the HPRB members.

Comments for distribution with case information:             1 pm on April 19

Final deadline for comments to be distributed:                1 pm on April 25 (for April 26 meeting)
                                                                                                                1 pm on May 2 (for May 3 meeting)

The 45-day/30-working-day ANC notice period for cases on this notice expires on:  May 19, 2018.

April 26, 2018
May 3, 2018
441 4th Street NW, Room 220 South, 9:00 a.m.   
The Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) will meet on Thursday, April 26 and Thursday, May 03 to consider concept and permit applications for work affecting historic properties. Applications for historic landmark or historic district designation may also be considered. 
The agenda for these meetings will be drawn from the list of filed cases below, but not all cases on the list will be included.  The agenda will be released on the Friday before each meeting, and will be emailed to all recipients of this public notice.  The agenda and HPO reports for the scheduled cases will be posted on the HPO website at  by the end of the day on Friday, April 20, 2018.      

The following cases have been filed by this month’s application deadline for submission to HPRB.  The agenda of cases for the upcoming HPRB meetings will be drawn from this list. 
Listing on this notice does not guarantee a hearing this month.  Some cases are already scheduled for the following month.  Other cases may be deferred at the request of the affected Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC), for insufficient information, or at the discretion of HPO or HPRB. 
For inquiries about or to provide comments on a specific case, please contact the assigned staff person listed below.  Written comments should be received at HPO by the comment deadlines noted above. Submission of written comments by email is preferred.

5D,6A    Kingman Park Historic District, all properties between East Capitol, 19th and M Streets NE and 
7D       Maryland Avenue NE and the Anacostia River, Case 16-19
5E           St. Paul’s Methodist Episcopal Church South, 150 S Street NW, Case 18-09

Historic Landmarks
2E           West Heating Plant, 1051/1055 29th Street NW (Square 1193), HPA 17-263, concept/substantial demolition, reconstruction for multi-unit residential building (continuation of November 2, 2017 hearing)
2E           West Heating Plant, 1051/1055 29th Street NW (Square 1193), HPA 17-633, permit/demolition 
5E         St. Paul’s Methodist Episcopal Church South, 150 S Street NW, HPA 18-147, raze (if designated)

Blagden Alley/ Naylor Court Historic District
2F           939 N Street NW, HPA 18-243, concept/two-story brick carriage house (Meyer)

Capitol Hill Historic District 
6B           816 Potomac Avenue SE, HPA 18-244, concept/four-story, plus penthouse and cellar, side addition (Gutowski)
6C           732 4th Street NE, HPA 18-248, concept/rear and rooftop additions (Gutowski)
6C           228 8th Street NE, HPA 18-300, concept/rear addition; front alterations (deferred until May 24th at request of ANC; Gutowski)

Cleveland Park Historic District 
3C           3415 Porter Street NW, HPA 18-129, concept/ addition at rear roof (Robb)
3C        3552 Quebec Street NW, HPA 18-305, concept/ add rooftop dormers at rear (Robb)

14th Street Historic District 
2B           1712 15th Street NW, HPA 18-304, concept/rear addition and alteration (Robb)

                 Georgetown Historic District
2E           3234 N Street NW, HPA 18-234, permit/entry portico, replacement doors, retaining wall, enlarge window wells, repave front yard (Dennee)

George Washington University/Old West End Historic District
2A           2101 F Street NW, HPA 18-200, permit/roof antenna (Brockett)

Glover-Archbold Park Historic District
3D           4301 Canal Road NW, HPA 18-297, permit/raze the historic Foundry Branch Trestle in Glover Archbold Park (scheduled for May 24th meeting)

Kalorama Triangle Historic District
1C           1963 Biltmore Street NW, HPA 18-298, concept/rooftop addition (Brockett)

LeDroit Park Historic District 
1B           461-465 Florida Avenue NW, HPA 18-279, concept/penthouse additions on houses and roof decks on rear stables (Meyer)
1B           1822 4th Street NW, HPA 18-280, concept/three-story rear addition (Meyer)
1B           1936 2nd Street NW, HPA 18-301, concept/two-story garage (Meyer)

Mount Pleasant Historic District
1D           3305-3307 18th Street NW, HPA 17-659, concept/raze carriage house and build similar but larger garage (to be heard in May or June)
1D           1800 Kenyon Street NW, HPA 18-252, concept/roof deck on top of single story brick garage (Dennee)

Shaw Historic District
6E           1501 9th Street NW, HPA 17-434, concept/enclosed sidewalk café (Meyer)

U Street Historic District 
1B           1924 9th Street NW, HPA 18-269, concept/third-story loft addition (Price)
2B           1828 15th Street NW, HPA 18-302, concept/two-story garage and addition to principal structure (Price)
6E           1735-1737 10th Street NW, HPA 18-303, concept/construction of two rowhouses on existing vacant lots (Price)

Walter Reed Historic District 
4A           6900 Georgia Avenue NW, HPA 18-308, permit/raze buildings 31, 38 and 84 (Dennee)   


Anne Brockett
(202) 442-8842

Steve Callcott
(202) 741-5247

Tim Dennee
(202) 442-8847

Kim Elliott
(202) 442-8838

Patsy Fletcher
(202) 741-081

6Gabriela Gutowski
(202) 442-8839  

Andrew Lewis
(202) 442-8841

David Maloney
(202) 442-8850

Brendan Meyer
(202) 741-5248

Imania Price
(202) 442-8827

Michael Robb
(202) 442-7703

Kim Williams
(202) 442-8840

To be included on the email distribution list for this monthly public notice, please visit the Office of Planning website and sign up at .

For additional information, see the HPO and HPRB website at . 
ACCESSIBILITY SERVICES: Persons needing accessibility accommodations including foreign language and sign language interpretation for preservation services and programs may contact Steve Callcott at the Office of Planning at (202) 442-7600 to request assistance. Please provide two weeks advance notice for HPRB meetings. 

Bruce Yarnall • Historic Preservation Operations Manager
DC Office of Planning
1100 4th Street SW, Suite E650 • Washington, DC 20024

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