Wednesday, May 13, 2020

sign installation in for the Tricia McCauley Public Herb Garden in LeDroit Park

From: Marcella Kriebel
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2020 4:48 PM
Subject: Sign Installation in for the Tricia McCauley Public Herb Garden in LeDroit Park

Sign Installation in for the Tricia McCauley Public Herb Garden in LeDroit Park

The info sign for the Tricia McCauley Public Herb Garden has been installed at the LeDroit Park Community Garden. This completes the build of the project that was created thanks to community fundraisers hosted by Boundary Stone DC, DC Brau, Common Good City Farm and Moreland's Tavern. 

The Background:
The TLM Public Herb Garden stone wall construction was created thanks to a community funded initiative in March of 2019 to celebrate the life of friend and fellow community gardener, Tricia Lynn McCauley.  Tricia passed away on Christmas Day in 2016.  Tricia was instrumental to the DC urban farming scene as an herbalist, friend, and teacher, helped to build the first raised beds for LPCG in 2010, and established the resident herbalist program at Common Good City Farm in 2011. This small garden is without the public bounds of the LeDroit Park Community Garden. 

The mission:
-To foster the education of herbs in our community and honor Tricia's legacy.

-To act as a public resource for herbalists and home cooks to grow and harvest herbs.

-Anyone may plant kitchen herbs with the understanding that the plants are a public resource.  

-LeDroit Park Community Garden partners with the Resident Herbalist of Common Good City Farm to plant many medicinal herbs in the herb garden. Many of these plants are cultivated with the intention that neighborhood herbalists and the Common Good herbs program may use these plants in their classes and workshops facilitated through Common Good. 

-The community will always aim grow the medicinal herbs listed on the sign, however any other herbs are welcome to be cultivated.  All kitchen herbs are encouraged to be planted plentifully and harvested.  

-Watering, weeding and planting are things that Members of LeDroit Park Community Garden can do to count towards their garden work hours. 

-Grow a bounty of herbs plentiful enough for the community to harvest what they want. 
-Cultivate our perennial herbs so that each returns stronger and more robust each year. 
-Maintain a variety of widely used medicinal herbs so that there exists a free public resource to support herbalism in the District.

Photos of the garden and sign are attached.  

Plant more Plants ️  

Marcella Kriebel 

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