Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Slow Roasted Harissa Lamb, Chicken Schwarma, Flatbreads, and Chilled Gazpacho at Big Bear

Take-Home Family Meals
for this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
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FRI (5/29), SAT (5/30), SUN (5/31) | Mediterranean Spiced Lamb and Chicken Schwarma Family Dinner
This week Robbie is preparing a Mediterranean inspired family meal with harissa spiced Slow Roasted  Lamb, and Chicken Shawarma with Fresh-Made Flatbreads, Seasonal Salads, and an optional Falafel, or Chilled Gazpacho.

This meal is designed to serve 2-3 hungry people (likely with some left overs)

We also have wine bottle specials with:
Set e Mez Pet Nat (Natural Sparkling Rose)
Sikele Skin Contact (Orange Wine)
Nicolas Gonin (Natural Rose)

Harissa Spiced Pulled Lamb, and Chicken Schwarma
from Stewan Farms of Happy Valley Meats

Fresh Baked Flatbread

Spiced Crunchy Carrot Slaw

Millet Grain Salad with Fresh Herbs and Shepherd's Whey Feta

Cucumber - Dill Lebneh

Pickled Market Vegetables

Falafel (4 Pack) (+ $5.50)
Shepherd's Whey Goat Feta (+ $6.75)
Calypso Cucumber Salad (+ $4.50)
Chilled Gazpacho, 32 Oz (+ $12.00)

Strawberry F******** Shortcake

 We also have items we've made, or picked up 
from the farmer's market for local pick-up. 
Try our Baguettes (fresh baked to order)
Farmer's Market Cheeses, Fresh-Made Jam...
The Afternoon Picnic *
The Afternoon Picnic *
And grill packs with all natural Happy Valley Meats, fresh baked English muffins, Shelburn ged cheddar, and fresh made pickes.
Big Bear Burger Grill Pack *
Big Bear Burger Grill Pack *

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