Monday, December 07, 2020

PORK SHANK PAZOLE DINNER w/taco pizza focaccia, sweet potato empanada, winter salad, and caramel sugar cinnamon bun dessert with optional St. Louis ribs, crab cakes, butternut squash fritters, and kids items [Thurs - Sat | 5:30 PM - 8 PM]

This week we’re making a Pork Shank Pazole with all-natural pork, hominy, red chile broth, diced cabbage and lemon.

The meal comes with a Taco Pizza Focaccia (with aged cheddar, tostadas, pico de gallo, aioli, and romaine), Sweet Potato Empanada, a Winter Salad, and a Caramel Sugar Cinnamon Bun with a beaten vanilla sweet cream.

Add a wood oven Pizza to your meal, or a 1/2 rack of St. Louis Hot-Honey Ribs, Crab Cakes, butternut squash fritter, and other options to build a meal to feed everyone at home.

Schedule an order, and we'll have it available under your name.


Pork Shank Pozole
all-natural pork and hominy stew
w/red chile broth, diced cabbage and lemon 

Taco Pizza Focaccia
tostadas, aioli, romaine, pico de gallo 

Winter Empanada
w/sweet potato and apple

Winter Greens Salad
w/avocado, radish chili lime vin, toasted va peanuts

Cinnamon Rolls
beaten cream



Baked Maryland Crab Cakes
Chesapeake Blue crab slowly baked with pimento dip and red chili mayo

1/2 Rack of Wood-Roasted Hot Honey Pork Ribs
slow-roasted all-natural Lancaster, PA pork, hot honey, chili

Butternut Squash Fritters
w/smoked mozzarella, grilled radicchio, caramelized fennel, and roasted onions

Mac and Cheese w/Aged Shelburne Cheddar

Grass-Fed Beef Meatballs

- KIDS -

Fusilli Noodles and Parmesan

Cheese Pizza w/Mozzarella and Tomato



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