Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Urban Turf post on the North Capitol Street deckover project

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The best plan to deck over a street in DC

by Nena Perry-Brown

North Capitol Street is one of DC's highways, used as such by drivers even in areas where homes line each side of the thoroughfare.

Community organizations, with the support of residents, have been leading a grassroots effort for over a decade to deck over portions of the North Capitol underpasses between V Street and Seaton Place to create an at-grade park/promenade. That effort inched forward in 2020. 


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Daniel in brookland said...

Daniel Goldon Wolkoff
A decking "park" over a busy polluted road like North Capitol,, not too appealing. We can do the sensible thing, its our park. its our city, not Bowsers or McDuffies, they work for us. Saving McMillan Park makes sense to me, with tens of thousands of new residential units, including RI Ave, Brookland Manor, Washington Hospital Center redevelopment and 81 Acres of development planned for Armed Forces Retirement home just North of the park. Why not support saving this wonderful 25 acres of public land and build a mass transit system up North Capitol, then all these new residents can be w/o autos, live w/o private vehicles just metro/monorail down from AFRH right to Union Station/National Airport,,the world and mass transit to McMillan Park for outdoor concerts, and community activities.The Zoning Commission is charged with "reducing traffic congestion", not doubling it,, wow the air already stinks on North Capitol, most polluted place in DC, by DDOE measurements. People do not all need cars if they are served well by mass transit. Seems like proper urban planning to me. Check how WHC will re-develop and not need any off campus office, so why the medical office towers at McMillan when they are so desperately needed in Anacostia, a truly under served area. Veterans and children recovering at Children's National Medical Center might benefit from the park across the street, and we all could use the open green space at the reservoir for recreation as well. I see the whole 113 acres open for our needs, including the green at AFRH, like the Central Park reservoir in NY. an "emerald necklace" for our side of the City
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