Sunday, December 26, 2021

Bloomingdale Civic Association ABRA letter of protest for Hillview Market's Substantial Change from Class Retailer “B” to Retailer “A” liquor store -- dated 12-24-2021

The topic of the Hillview Market’s Substantial Change to a liquor license from Class Retailer “B” to Retailer “A” liquor store was discussed at the Monday, 12/20/2021, Bloomingdale Civic Association virtual meeting.  

A motion was made and seconded to support whatever action that the Stronghold Civic Association is taking.  A friendly amendment was made and accepted that the BCA file a protest on the same grounds as ANC5E.             

Note that the ABRA protest petition deadline is Monday, 12/27/2021.

Here is the BCA protest letter, dated Friday, 12/24/2021.  

The ABRA roll call hearing is Tuesday, 01/18/2022. 

BCA Hillview Market Protest _ ABRA_ 2021 12 24 Redacted by Scott Roberts on Scribd

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