Thursday, April 22, 2021

Snapshot in Time of Bloomingdale resident Ella Wingfield - 1929 2nd St NW

Snapshot in Time of Ella Wingfield - 1929 2nd St NW 


I recently had the great pleasure of representing the owners of 1929 2nd St NW with the sale of their home and wanted to share a snapshot in time of a very fine citizen and proud daughter of this community with you and the neighborhood.  

Mrs. Ella Wingfield was born at., and has lived in 1929 2nd St NW for 94 years until she moved into an assisted living facility.  She is one, if not the only, last living original resident in the LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale community.  After retiring from her singing career, she eventually married in 1953 and worked for the federal government as an administrative assistant. Over the years, she advanced in grade and became a supervisor until retirement with the US Patent Office.  

I inquired about her early singing career and her son uncovered some old photos and newspaper captions/articles that shed light on her activities.  The attached captures the war years and subsequent years after WWII. Mrs. Wingfield was born in 1925 so this gives you a reference of her age in the stories that you read.   She performed on U St N.W., which was considered the Harlem of DC (night life)  in the 1940's and Atlantic City, NJ.   

I thought the residents of Bloomingdale may enjoy reading this as much as I did so thought I'd pass it along!  

Andreea Leu

Ella Wingfield 2021 04 21 by Scott Roberts


Betsy said...

Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photographs.

There is a Washington Post article about the 50th anniverary of the Capital Classic football game where she was crowned queen.

Also, she this interview from Portrait City.

Note - the second page with the newspaper clipping - notice another neighbor's name in the ad? Jackie Moms Mabley.

Gary William Mendel said...

living history gives me goose bumps. <3