Monday, December 10, 2012

for Twitter users: what #hashtag should be used for the Bates area/Truxton Circle/Dunbar Shaw?

This post isn't even about Bloomingdale.  This post is about the neighborhood directly south of Bloomingdale.

A cross-post from the Bates Area Civic Associaton (BACA) blog.

for Twitter users: what #hashtag should be used for the neighborhood?

Okay, mission-critical topic here!
How many people who live, work, shop, visit or worship in the Bates Area are Twitter users?
Twitter image
If you aren’t a Twitter user, it’s okay. But if you ARE a Twitter user, then you may have noticed that a Twitter #hashtag for the Bates Area has not yet been established.
Everyone seems to be using a different hashtag for the community, so that makes searching for them or following them a challenge.
Bloomingdale has an established hashtag of “#BloomingdaleDC.”
LeDroit Park has an established hashtag of “#LeDroitPark.”
The Bates Area does not have an established Twitter hashtag. Rather frustrating.
So this post is an attempt to get Bates Area Twitter users to come to some agreement about what to use.
Here are some suggestions:
#bates – not recommended

(keep in mind that there is a Bates College in Maine, so using something broad like #bates should be avoided. And yes, Bates College does have its @BatesCollege. But Bloomingdale could not really use #Bloomingdale, because of the Bloomingdales department store. Something more granular like BloomingdaleDC was needed.)
Okay, let’s include the “forbidden” neighborhood name of Truxton Circle:

@TruxtonCircle –appears to be claimed by a person in the neighborhood
And then there is the neighborhood name of Dunbar Shaw promoted by Jenifer Ragins:
#Dunbar – I see some tweets from Dunbar High School students….
How about East Shaw…?
What else?
Anyway, I am not sure how to proceed from here to encourage neighborhood Twitter users to all use the same hashtag.

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