Monday, December 10, 2012

LeDroit Park resident receives property damage claim denial letter "following the flooding that occurred in Bloomingdale and its surrounding area during July 10-20 and Sept 2, 2012"

From LeDroit Park resident Larry Holeman:
HI all,
I thought we were making progress until I received this denial letter (see attachment). All I see is a bunch of BS.  All the notice of sewer cleaning do not impress me.  I have spent over $4000 on my basement because of those 4 floods and my basement is still unusable because of the mole and mildew. I got a $75.00 ticket because of the carpet I have pull out of my basement and they said it is the rain fault.  They are not going to do anything but talk.
Larry E. Holeman
DC Water Property Damage Claim Denial Larry Holeman 2012 12 07


  1. Has DC Water paid any claims associated with the Bloomingdale floods, to anybody?