Sunday, June 07, 2015

ANC Press Conference & Zoning Commission Vote on pop-up rules - Wear RED -- Monday, 06-08-2015

From:  Katelijn
Subject: June 8 - ANC Press Conference & ZC Vote on pop-up rules - Wear RED
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2015 19:44:32 +0200

Hi Scott
Could you post the text below on the bloomingdale blog to request large support and turn-out for Monday's press conference and subsequent vote of the Zoning Commission on the new pop-up rules which will provide more protection to home-owners?
Thanks Katelijn

Hi Everyone,
The ANC’s of Ward 4 have consolidated their efforts to stop pop-up developments throughout Ward 4.  They will hold a press conference on Monday, June 8 at 6pm immediately before the zoning commission public hearing.  The press conference will be at One Judiciary Square.  Please come out and show your support.   
Also on Monday, June 8, the Zoning Commission will vote on the pop-up rules.  We need a large turnout for both events so please come if you are able.
Please wear red (or yellow as back-up) in solidarity for stopping pop-ups.
Event:  ANC Ward 4 Presss Conference to Stop pop-ups 
Time:   6:00pm, June 8
Place:  In front of 441 4th St. NW (One Judiciary Sq)
Event:  ZC Vote on pop-up rules
Time:  6:30pm, June 8
Place:  441 4th St. NW (One Judiciary Sq) (I think it's on the 2nd floor)
Please wear RED in solidarity (or yellow if you don't have red).

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