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Brookland residents Daniel Wolkoff & Jerome Peloquin: McMillan Mayor's Agent hearing June 3, 2015

Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2015 07:32:36 +0000
Subject: McMillan Mayor's Agent Hearing June 3, 2015
please submit following testimony to the June 3rd 2015 Mayor's Agent Hearing
McMillan Subdivision

Statement of Jerome James Peloquin and Daniel Goldon Wolkoff

Is this how the business of the people of the District of Columbia is conducted?
June 3, 2015
Daniel Goldon Wolkoff
McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture
1231 Randolph Street, NE
Washington, DC 20017
tel: 202-232-8391
Jerome James Peloquin
4001 9th Street, NE, Apt #2
Washington,  DC  20017
Ward 5 Resident
It should be clear to all who oppose this travesty of social, economic and environmental justice, that we are being intentionally mislead, indeed, actually lied to and potentially defrauded by the city government.  This exists at all levels of the system.    High ranking political officials in DC government collude with well connected developers VMP.  It is the avowed intention of The Zoning Commission, The Office of Planning, and certainly DMPED, to make this happen.  Every single agency, board, and in particular the Mayor's Agent for  Historic Preservation will turn themselves inside out to find a rationale for approving this theft of public land. 
Mayor’s Agent Has Never Seen, or Even Read The Federal Covenants!
That DC government officials holds it’s citizens and the regulations of the federal government in complete contempt, even when they carry the force of law, is demonstrated by the so-called, Mayor’s Agent.  Mr. Peter Bryne, who, when challenged on the Federal Covenants upon which he is to base his decision stated in open hearing and on the record, May 18, 2015
“…“The federal Covenant doesn’t matter . . . I’ve never heard of it . . . I’ve never seen it”
At the very least, Mr. Bryne should be removed from his position as Mayor’s Agent as clearly he is either incompetent, or malfeasant, or both.  This should be grounds for stopping this failed process now before irreparable harm is done and tens of millions of dollars of tax payer money is simply stolen.
Deputy Mayor Hires a PR Company to Attack and Discredit its Own Citizens
Several years ago a group appeared in the Bloomingdale section of DC, called: Create McMillan Park.  Unknown to us at the time this ‘community advocacy group was, in reality a fraudulent organization created by Jamie Fontaine Company and a conspiracy between the Developer and The Deputy Mayor  for Planning and Economic Development, M. Jeffrey Miller. 
The McMillan Coallition for Sustainable Agriculture has hard copy proof of our allegations.  Their strategic papers are in our possession... Their stated purpose is, we quote  "neutralize opposition“, and "to provide cover for local politicians,” and to create community organizations with the resources to support VMP plans.   In other words, they intended to subvert the political process.   VMP and DMPED actually hired a Baltimore PR firm; The Fontaine Group.  We obtained their strategic planning document [i]and specific invoices under the FOIA[ii] laws.  This is hard copy proof these are the facts.  Invoices marked ‘paid’ and with DMPED Jeffrey Miller’s signature.   In addition, Mr. Jeffrey Miller, former Vice President for the lead developer was knowingly appointed by former Mayor Gray to ‘facilitate,’ the relationship between our city and his former boss at Trammel Crow.
Yes, our city actively colluded with a private sector developer to discredit its own citizens, to marginalize, defame, and discredit any opposition to their rapacious plans.
It is an organized and spontaneous cabal set in place by money and the expectations of money ... the ANC’s, the non profits, the salaried city workers in the agencies and departments ... no one will stand up to the mayor and the VMP’s lobbyists.   All have been suborned by the fearful combination of money and power and understandably so.  They fear for their jobs and they seek the strong inducements that the power elite can provide eg. Job, investment, political advantage and all the other inducements money can provide.
It does not matter that this project violates almost every facet of the Comprehensive Plan. Doesn't matter that it is clearly in violation of the Federal Covenants placed on the 25 acre site's sale to DC, that all rehab, and any alteration of the historic site must be subject to the Secretary of the Interior’ Historic Preservation Guidelines. Doesn't matter that no RFP was issued, and that the "surplus and land disposition requires increased "competition". Doesn't matter that this theft of public resources,  has been based upon dishonesty and subterfuge, that they mislead the Office of Zoning on their traffic study, that their paid consultant mislead and misrepresented  the condition of the caverns, that Jeffrey Miller actually lied during oversight hearings conducted by Council Chair Bowser denying direct payments made by DMPED to the Fontaine Group. 
No one, not one of the organizations tasked with protecting our property will stand against this cabal, this growth conspiracy ... Why? Because hundreds of millions of dollars are involved.  We have only one force in this city that can thwart this conspiracy and that is A Federal Judge.

[i] Fontaine Group Strategic Planning Document
[ii] Invoices from VMP member EYA to DMPED with Jeffrey Miller’s signature approving payment directly to The Fontaine organization.
Jerome Peloquin
The Family Fish Farms Network, Inc.
717 Lawrence Street, NE
Washington, DC, 20017
(Skype) fishfarms1

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  1. Omg...I'm so sick of hearing that the Fountaine Group was a shame. There was a call to get pro-development people together after that awful meeting at ANB church where supporters of the development were harassed, spit upon and booed. This is the level of civility these so called “Friends of McMillan” have put residents who support the plan through. That’s how the Fountaine group got involved in the first was a request from residents for help to combat these wacko joacko group who have shown no respect for their opposing residents. It wasn't a cover up or anything nefarious at all! So please stop the bull!
    Furthermore the McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture is a complete shame group. They were deemed party status due to the bull they were trying to get over on the public! They want to turn this area into urban farming! Give me a break! Are you people idiots or what? This would be the most expensive farmland in the world. Is that what DC wants to be known for….for being complete imbeciles! I can see the CCN headlines now… DC turns 25 acres into a $200 million farmland for residents to grow plants on! Tomatoes wil an actual cost of $180 a lbs. GIVE ME A BREAK!
    So let’s get real…the real DC residents need jobs, affordable housing, and services in this area that has been long over looked. So stop with the cray cray and get a real grip on reality. Instead of looking out for the needs of DC residents…these groups are looking out for their own personal interests… an FOM leader is the head of a green energy company.. CONFILCT!!! Another FOM leader has been a slum lord in DC for 25 years and just recently moved back to the area since the value of the property in DC rose dramatically. Like this guy really has neighbors and DC resident’s interest at heart. If he did where the hell was he 20 years ago when the crack heads were living in the house he owns!
    So readers when you see this amount of misinformation coming from a group that has been pushing their own personal interests…makes you wonder what motivates them? Um maybe putting $$$ in their pockets. So stop the madness and lets finally get a real park, actual affordable housing, senior housing, jobs, a grocery store and services that neighbors have wait 30 years to get!