Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Robin Shuster: "Please give for the Farmers Market Matching Dollars Program"

From:  Robin Shuster
Subject: Please Give for the Farmers Market Matching Dollars Program
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2015 12:11:46 -0400

This is a big fundraising weekend for us for the matching dollars program that made such a huge difference last year.  
We helped nourish more than 600 families and Seniors at BFM last year before the funding ran out.  It is privately raised money and administered by our friends at the wonderful nonprofit DC Greens who have provided us with thousands of dollars in Farmers Market Matching Dollars.  The government programs are paltry and that is why this matching program is so powerful. 
 We have Seniors who only get $16/month in food stamps and cannot afford to buy fruits and veg.  WIC mothers only receive $25 a child under 5 for the entire year  (!) to buy fruits and vegetables at the market!  
We expect twice as many people and we need to raise a lot of money.  Thanks for spreading the word that every dollar counts.  People can give online at our website,  It is tax deductible and eligible for company matching if their companies do that.

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