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terrific PASTA IS BACK starting Sunday at the Bloomingdale Farmers Market !

See this 06-06-2015 message from Robin Shuster, manager of the Bloomingdale Farmers Market, which operates on Sundays from 9 am to 1 pm on the 100 block of R Street NW.
Hi BFM Fans:
Terrific PASTA IS BACK starting Sunday! 
Welcome Cucina Al Volo -- homemade Italian Pasta made at Union Kitchen, just a mile away.

 Chefs Matteo and Daniele Catalani are from Tuscany, near Florence (and Daniele's mother is from Bologna so you know we are getting a great Bolognese sauce at some point at their stand). 

Daniele was executive chef at Galileo during its heyday and owned the charming Cafe Toscana.  Matteo is his nephew and has been a pasta guru for years.  I had a great time watching Matteo make fusili  and tasting their HOME MADE BURRATA.  You can see the fusili drying here.
CUCINA AL VOLO:  So, what will they have?  Freshly made egg pastas including fusili, spaghetti, rigatoni.  Filled pasta like 3 cheese ravioli (ricotta, mozarella and parmesan and seasoned with toasted crushed peppercorn).  I had never seen that trick of toasting peppercorns before crushing them.  There will be sauces and a weekly soup too. 
They make their own Burrata before stuffing it in ravioli.  We had it for lunch and it took all of 2 minutes to cook. Their cold asparagus soup was a dream. The Salsa Nonna is filled with zucchini. Tell them what you want to buy.
DUTCH PANCAKES at the Chef Demo Table!  Bloomingdale's own Jessica van Dop DeJesus is inspired by the visit of the King and Queen of the Netherlands to DC this week to bring out her mother in law's Dutch pancake recipe.  11-12:30.
Ever wanted to Host an exchange student?  (I was an exchange student to Chile in 1970) Here is your chance to find out about hosting from Swede Mikael Nystrom of Education First, a language school for people who come to DC to learn English.  
Bike House is ready from 11-1 to help you get those bikes into summer cycling shape.
Music at 10….

Look out for what is New or Special at the stands Saturday:
  • Sugar Snap Peas EVERYWHERE
  • First of the Garlic Scapes
  • First of the eggplant at Garner -- maybe
  • Space Spinach and Ethiopian Kale at Mountain View
  • Spring Pickled Asparagus and herbs at Number 1 Sons
  • Kouign Amann -- .  Very addictive and the Post LOVED It:
  • Crois-Nut -- a cross between a croissant and a doughnut  at Panorama
  • Last week for smoky flavored Space Spinach at Mountain View

TRUCK PATH:  EarliGlow strawberries are small and really sweet last week. Arugula, mesclun, spinach, kale, Swis chard, beets, asparagus. Bacon and pastured pork.
REID:  Earliglo Strawberries! Sugar Snap Peas. Apples, herb and tomato plants.  (As they do not say on Game of Thrones: Cherries are coming (soon).
MOUNTAIN VIEW:  A big flush of sugar snap peas. The new Ethiopian kale plus Lacinato and Winterbore. Romaine and Little Gem head lettuces like cool, wet weather so this  week was good for them. Collards, watercress. Swiss Chard. Beets. Mustard Greens. Spring Onions and the smoky flavored Space Spinach.
KESWICK ran out of yogurt at their stand last week!  I have a feeling that their ricotta is going to start showing up in Al Volo's pastas.  They have so many wonderful new cheeses now that I am just going say: come over and sample them all.

GARNER'S PRODUCE:  Tons of Summer Squash of all sizes including the big ones for people who like to make zucchini bread.  The yellow make a gorgeous cream of yellow squash soup and my favorite is the pale green Kousas that don't get watery when you saute them. Sugar Snaps. Radishes.  Green, red and Toscano Kale (grill it and serve in a coconut sauce). Savoy cabbage --love those crinkles. Broccoli, Hakurei turnips, Swisss Chard, beets, spring onions, arugula, lettuce, Asian green mix and kohlrabi, the alien vegetable that makes the BEST slaw.  Lots of plants: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs, flowers.
NUMBER 1 SONS:  Caitlin and YiWah ferment everything: kimchis, krauts, Central American style slaws, New York style pickles, hot sauces, salsa verde.  Caitlin calls the Salsa So Verde GGS--something on the grill, easy guacamole, salsas and chips. And an easy way to add probiotics if people aren't kraut or pickle fans. Asparagus and herbs are a taste of Spring at the stand this week.
WHISKED:  Jenna has baked strawberry rhubarb, rhubarb, strawberry lemon, apple rhubarb, sea salt chocolate chess and key lime pie.  Savory? Kale Pesto and Parmesan or Bacon, Cheddar and Onion Quiche.  And tell her you want her to bring back her wonderful strawberry jam bar cookie. She is making them for Cava Grill now but maybe she can sneak a few in for us.  Here is what she says about them:
"Our new strawberry jam bars have a shortbread crust, covered in a layer of strawberry preserves, and topped with an oatmeal crumble (devoted fans of our bars will recognize the shortbread crust - it's the same crust we used in the Turtle Bar). It's fruity, crunchy, and a pretty perfect way to finish a meal."

   Two French bakers mean lots of baguettes and croissants but also French takes on their  whole wheat boules with oatmeal, rye, pumpernickel raisin (toast it and smear with chevre), sour doughs, whole grains, Michel Richard's rustiques, lots of breakfast pastries, muffins, scones, tarts., madeleines, and cookies.  Did you miss out on the Kouign Amann last week?  The Post had a great write up and it made me realize that it is a Breton Cronut, long before Cronuts were re-invented in New York.  Damien invented his own Crois-Nut last week.

See you Sunday
Robin Teds and Stephanie

Robin Shuster
14&U Farmers' Market 
Bloomingdale Farmers' Market

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