Thursday, June 04, 2015

urgent request for the immediate installation of security/surveillance cameras on the 2200 block of Flagler Place NW

Dear DC Water and Skanska :
This is an urgent request for the immediate installation of security/surveillance cameras in the 2220 block of Flagler Place NW.  You are very much aware of the safety concerns of residents affected by this protracted construction project.  We appreciate the recent installation of lighting mounted on the fences.  While those lights may curtail some of the criminal activity during the night, it appears that criminals are aware that they can commit crimes during the day hidden from sight by the barricades installed to secure your equipment.
On Friday May 2 , 2015, I came home to discover that two packages had been stolen from my front porch.  The boxes had been ripped open and discarded in my neighbor’s yard.
Today, June 3, 2015, I arrived at my home to learn that a large box containing gourmet prepared food had been stolen. According to tracking information, it was delivered at 2:32 p.m. Although the neighborhood was combed, nothing was recovered.  Ironically the package was delivered while your crew was on the job site.
DC Metropolitan Police was notified and dispatched, and a report was taken.  The United States Postal Service was also notified and a report taken.  The matter is currently under investigation by the USPS Police Services. In addition to the rash of thefts, the Flagler Place construction site seems to be becoming a haven for outdoor sexual activity as evidenced by used condoms found in the immediate area.  
I, and neighbors who are incensed about these and other activities and incidents that have occurred unnoticed because the fencing provides a shield for criminals, would much rather that you spend the money on installing 24/7/365 surveillance cameras than to have murals painted in front of our home. The police agreed that the fenced in area provides cover for criminal activity that ordinarily might be detected by neighbors if there was a clear line of sight.
I look forward to an immediate response to this matter.


  1. Neighbors should - consider installing a camera that looks out your window onto the porch. These cameras are relatively inexpensive and many are not difficult to set up. This will yield information that can be passed onto the police if packages continue to get stolen.
    Even a dummy camera with a sign can act as a deterrent.

    1. DC Water rate payers are paying $157,000,000 for the tunnel and $6,000,000-8,000,000 for mitigation efforts (parking lots, 24/7 van, Bloomingdale Flood Relief banners, etc) The residents along the CSA's are being targeted due to the DC Water sites. I think that they can find the money to install a few security cameras. We are dealing with enough.

    2. No doubt. Don't take my comment as a reason why DC water shouldn't have to do something, take it as "how to protect yourself in the event DC water drags its feet, and also to supplement whatever action DC water does end up taking."