Tuesday, November 22, 2005

coffee shop?

according to our community newsletter, there may be a nice coffee shop coming to 3rd and florida. I have heard rumors of another one too, fairly close by. i wonder how many people have plans to have cafes in bloomingdale/eckington? how many could we support? and how many people harbor hopes to open a restaurant or decent bar?

Ella's coffee shop didnt seem to do to well on north capitol. perhaps she jumped the gun, perhaps no one knew whether or not she would be open. for me, it was the expensive sunday brunch, and that 3 times during the day that i went, it was closed for no apparent reason.
If Windows cafe had better food, i might go more often. I did buy a bag of some awesome ethiopian coffee there, but, as a vegetarian the grilled cheese option leaves me a bit bored.

I hope that any new cafe/ restaurant owners run their places a little better. We as a neighborhood will go, once we trust them.
especially if the coffee isnt burnt.

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