Friday, August 13, 2010

Donna Morris' Xtra Pair of Hands business

See this message from LeDroit Park resident Donna Morris:

Dear clients and friends:

Xtra Pair of Hands DC has a new name, look and attitude! Please take a moment and visit our new website ( and twitter account ( two exciting tools to keep you up to date and share with others all kinds of wonderful ideas and tidbits for entertaining.

Since 2001, you have helped me take my dream of honoring my grandmother, who would let me be her xtra pair of hands in the kitchen, to a level that even she wouldn't believe. Now we have more than two hundred clients, 11 part-time staffers and some of the best clients that a business could ask for!

So much of our success is due in part because we are constantly learning new and creative ways from our clients of how to have a successful party and we thank you so much. Stay tuned for our tips from the website and Twitter!

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Anonymous said...

There's also a local service I used called Bartender2Go who provides bartenders & wait-staff. They were really good & local. Found them at a friends event.