Tuesday, August 31, 2010

recently renovated WASA facility at 2nd & Bryant: early morning vehicular noise

From a resident on the 100 block of Bryant Street NW:

If folks are curious what development can bring to a neighborhood, I suggest they come for a very early morning stroll at the corner of Bryant and 2nd Street NW. The city rebuilt a previously abandoned warehouse and have put it to use as a staging point for DPW/WASA vehicles. I walk my dogs by there in the morning around 6:30 am and it is very loud, with lots of people talking loudly, loud vehicles coming and going, and I feel badly for the folks who live across the street. I spoke to one of the folks living there and she told me it can start as early as 3:00 in the morning. Yikes. Now, at night, those houses have the benefit of two or three guys sitting out front of the warehouse every day till late watching the street, so that is a benefit. And the building looks better.


TheCommiss said...

I agree with you it's an improvement to Ward 1 in which that facility sits. I have gotten some complaints about the noise and DPW has worked with us on resolving some of them but not all. It is after all an industrial/commercial zoned space that the city has finally rehabbed and it's a lot better than a vacant space that brings even more issues. With this DPW and WASA's rehabbing of the Water Works building next door, it's a great improvement. There are people in that space providing services to the entire city including this area. People present will help to reduce crime and such.

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

"I live in a city but I don't want to deal with life in a city. Waa."

Unit block of Bryant said...

This is an odd comment since I don't think most people would consider the WASA and DPW facilities to be "development." It's painting with a broad and indiscriminate brush. Besides, all those street sweepers and service vehicles that work for city residents have to sleep somewhere at night. I could complain about the noise of the low-flying helicopters and the ambulances that pass through Bloomingdale, too, but I like living near the hospital complex and know that there are people inside those vehicles who are getting help. And I like having students from Howard and other universities living in the neighborhood, even though they can be noisy sometimes, too. I'd rather figure out how to reduce the amount of beer bottles, fast food containers and the other trash that litters our neighborhood than worry about a well-maintained city or utility facility.