Friday, August 27, 2010

Thomas St NW resident receives DPW fine for leaving supercan in alley too long after collection

See this message from a Thomas Street NW resident:

I got a $75 fine from the department of public works last week for leaving our supercan out too long. I would have thought a first warning would be fair, but I guess these are revenue-seeking times. May it serve as a reminder for others. ANC Commissioner John Salatti confirms that DPW does issue such fines and that bins need to be in by Thursday morning in this neck of the woods.


B on V in DC said...

FYI - We live on V Street and our landlord just informed us that she had received a similar fine.

Anonymous said...

how do they know who the super can belongs to? my neighbors leave theirs outside my back gate pretty much all week. i always have to move them to park. how would dpw know that these arent mine?

Anonymous said...

Please think of your neighbors and get your cans out of the alley. I am about to report the violators on the UNIT BLOCK OF W and ADAMS Street NW. There are many of us who use our garages and have to move other peoples can or attempt 3 and four point turns to get into our garages.
Also note, emergency vechicles use the allley as well and don't need to navigate an obstacle course when trying to get to a burning house or carry a medical emergency vicitm to an ambulance waiting in the alley. I have seen both happen in my many years here.

Anonymous said...

Out of kind respect, it would be greatly appreciated if residents refrained from placing their designated trashbins on the property of others.