Wednesday, March 02, 2011

massive marijuana farm on unit block of Adams NW seized by 5D; firearms seized; all parties involved charged

See this 3/1/2011 11:17 pm post at the MPD-5D list at Yahoogroups:

On yesterdays date during the evening tour of duty, Fifth District`s burglary reduction unit was working in PSA 501 patrolling the unit block of Adams Street NW. While in the alley Sgt Purnell and the team noticed an open back door that seemed unattended. They responded to investigate the matter, as they approached the a male subject approached the door and began acting evasive. Further investigation revealed a massive marijuana farm being cultivated in the basement of the location, also recovered were three firearms and many other distribution materials.

All parties involved have been charged with several narcotic violations !!

Commander Lamar D. Greene


BloomingdaleMomma said...

Does anyone know which house this is? I'd like to know if the house where I suspect the farm is has implicated the 2 known drug dealers I've been reporting on for over two years.


BCC said...

I'm not sure why, but this makes me want to laugh.

eylngrl said...

I saw this on my way home through the alley. I live on Bryant Street and share the alley with Adam Street..

What insanity... I'm not so much concerned about the marijuana as I am the guns!!! I guess one follows the other. I'm not to knowledgeable about the drug world.. What a mess!!!

Veronika Electronika said...

you want to laugh because it's an episode of "I almost got away with it"

Jenifer said...

I had no idea this happened! Thanks to email and blogs I learned about it!

TheCommiss said...

Well a job well done by MPD. They must have been good drug dealers, cause no one I know on that alley even knew. Wonder which house it was?