Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bloomingdale 1903. Plats!

I found better and more plat images HERE

North Bloomingdale
North Bloomingdale 1903

South Bloomingdale
Bloomingdale 1903

i added a few more years here


Suzanne in Bloomingdale said...

Very cool. Thanks for posting.

John said...

Many thanks, Sean, for posting these maps! This is great stuff!


Sean Hennessey said...

glad you all like them! i'd still love to find clear images from the 1897 and 1901 platbooks. anyone have them?

Kat said...

Yes, I was going to ask the same thing, is there anyway we could make copies of this, are they for sale?

Sean Hennessey said...

you can find more maps and information about purchasing them here: