Monday, November 14, 2011

G8 Metrobus problems

From: Dana King

Dear Neighbors,

Like many of you, as a daily rider of the G8 bus, I have gone through all the problems (repeatedly) that plague that route. In an effort to change the route for the better, I contacted ANC 5C04 Commissioner John Salatti. He has already put my concerns before WMATA, which is currently investigating. But rather than simply wait for WMATA's response, John and I are taking a more active approach. We're reaching out to you.

The G8 takes me to and from work every day. On the weekends, the G8 takes me to and from social activities. Unfortunately, for those of us that rely on the G8, poor service is a source of real frustration. During rush hour, buses do not show up at the scheduled time, often run back-to-back with large time gaps in service, and/or do not stop upon arrival because they are too full. During off-peak and weekend hours, when the buses are supposed to pass twice an hour, I have found myself waiting at the bus stop 40 or 50 minutes with no service.

That's been my experience. What has been yours? To get WMATA to take action and do so quickly, John and I want to give the agency a full picture of what people in Bloomingdale and surrounding neighborhoods go through on the G8. So we would greatly appreciate input from you on your experiences--bad or good--riding the G8.

Please e-mail me your thoughts on, experiences with, and suggestions about the G8. My address is oaklandout @ Then John and I will collect, summarize, and use your responses in our contacts with WMATA. We are also considering putting together a short survey of G8 riders; if anyone would like to help with that effort, please let me know.


Dana King and John Salatti

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