Monday, November 14, 2011

matching heart of pine wood flooring

From a resident on V Street NW:

Hello I am trying to replace the flooring in my kitchen and am trying to match it to the rest of my house. Have any of you bought new boards to replace the existing hardwood floors in your houses? My contractor said they are 2.5`` ``heart of pine`` which is apparently pretty hard to come by and must be custom significant expense. Since I only have to redo my kitchen, I suppose I could buy salvaged wood that matches?

Has anyone tried that or maybe have a good (and resourceful) flooring company?

Feel free to email me at jj8993 @ gmail. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it


Dard said...

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jeff + jasmin said...

I would highly recommend Mountain Lumber Company. They are based in Ruckersville, Virginia. Their specialty is in salvaging wood from old buildings and re-sawing it. We bought wonderful heart pine from MLC, which was originally in a textile mill built in 1893! If you have 100 year old heart pine in your house, the only place you'll find 100 year old heart pine to replace it is from a building built 100+ years ago.

Jeff Hayward

Mari said...

Try Community Forklift and ask if any has come in. I sent some of the extra wood I had recovered from my house over there.